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How to Choose A Web Design Agency?

How to Choose A Web Design Agency?

The importance of a website for today’s business is crucial. Research shows 87% of consumers do their product research online. 

While creating a new website for business, your principal concern would be choosing a web designer who is up to the job. 

When 48% of consumers refer to website design as the No. 1 authenticity factor, the payoff is high. That’s why you should know how to choose a web design agency to achieve your goals.

What is a Web Design Agency / Company? 

A web design agency definitely has a professional designer and a team which will help to create logos, understand the colour combination, and branding. 

Agency/company will ensure the client’s satisfaction as they like to do design for their website.  Most of the web design tools are adobe design services. 

Web Design Tools

In the digital market, there are a good number of tools available. However, from those, some of the web design tools are used by the designer.

Web Design Tools

So, I will love to share some of those professional tools that are used by the designer. Here is the Deal: 

  • Adobe illustrator 
  • Affinity Designer
  • ProtoPie
  • MockFlow
  • InVision Studio
  • Sketch
  • And many more….

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

A web designer is responsible for the look and feel of a website, while a web developer manipulates the applications and functionality of the site. The web design covers,

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development
  1. Website graphic design; 
  2. Interface design; 
  3. Authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; 
  4. User experience design; 
  5. Search Engine Optimization.

A web developer can extend from generating a single static page of straight text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic commerce, and social network services.

A “web design agency” manages the outer form, a “web development agency” manages the inner parts. 

Web Desing Agency or Web Development Agency?

None. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your design and development needs, you should hire a web design company that has a team for both (e.g. This web design site).

This way, your website will be developed as it will be designed and will provide your users with the best experience.

How to Choose A Web Desing Agency?

Choosing a web design agency is a long process. You have to do a lot of hard work to ensure that you don’t waste your money.

But if you follow these steps perfectly then all of your hard work will pay you off with a big amount of revenue.

Let’s see what to do to choose a perfect web design agency for your business:

1. Identify Your Website Needs & Goals

Before you start researching for web design agencies, you need to identify what your website will do and the characteristics it MUST have.

Remember that your website is a business and marketing medium – not just a lovely design.

 Identify Your Website Needs & Goals

The things your website may have/do:

  • Produce leads for your business;
  • Sync with your CRM, like Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other major CRM software;
  • Blend with your marketing automation tool, like Pardot, Marketo, or HubSpot;
  • Connect with your email marketing platform, like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Emma;
  • Receive payments or donations, including subscription-based payments/donations;
  • Enable users to fill out forms on-site and submit;
  • User-favourable navigation, content with proper SEO, and conversion-optimized pages;
  • Ecommerce functionality;
  • Online forms that are secure (and HIPPA compliant if you’re in the healthcare industry);
  • An SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol;

A catalogue of your goals & needs will help you & the web design company to ensure your site is customized.

2. Research Web Design Agencies on Various Platforms

Research Web Design Agencies on Various Platforms

To find the right web design agency for you, you have to research a lot of web design agencies online.

Often, web design agencies work with a crew of experts or an algorithm to accurately judge the skills, courage, reliability, and pricing of an agency. Also, they do give you a great idea about the state of the enterprise and who’s in it. 

After creating the list of agencies, you can start to examine them.

3. Evaluate all of the Web Design Agency’s Website

The most valuable step while finding a web design agency is evaluating its website.

Every sincere web design agency should have an excellent website for itself. That doesn’t mean their site needs to be exactly like the one you are looking for yourself.

Evaluate all of the Web Design Agency’s Website

Each company has different requirements, and its websites have diverse functionalities. But that does mean you should find all the facts you want within several clicks of the agency’s homepage.

Also, you should check the agency’s site for load times, high-resolution images, engaging graphics, and even videos. These factors aren’t essential for an agency’s website, but it shows that they understand customer needs. 

Lastly, every agency should also have testimonials from earlier clients with the client’s name and URL, which gives you further insight into their capabilities.

You can also use review sites like Yelp, Google, and even Facebook to get a lot of insight into the behaviour, professionalism, and overall reliability of a web design agency.

4. Try to Find Out Review of The Web Design Agency 

The best way to identify a web design agency is good or not the process of finding reviews of the clients.

Try to Find Out Review of The Web Design Agency

Without any doubt, if your website has a lot of traffic and gives value to your client’s work, he/she will come again.

Certainly, there is no alternative unless he watches the view of the agency and makes a decision as to whether he should choose the company for its web designer or not.

Clients can see reviews on various platforms like yep, Google and Facebook and can get inside information about the web design agency.  

5. Contact Each Web Design Agency Directly

Now that you have the shortlist of agencies, you should contact them directly with straightforward questions.

The best agencies will talk about building your website from scratch. In most cases, they’ll want to create your company a custom-made website. 

However, an agency should ask you about what you expect, what you want, what your goals are, and more.

A sincere web design agency intends to understand each of its clients fully to deliver the most reliable results possible.

A sincere web design agency will reply to your inquiries gently, professionally, and reasonably. They’ll give honest explanations and explain any unfamiliar terms that come up.

Contact Each Web Design Agency Directly

If you talk to a web design agency that talks around you in circles with vague, jargon-heavy terms, ponder using another agency.

Once you’ve examined your agencies by talking directly to them, you’re ready to make a choice. While making a choice, consider these as the criterion

They Listen to Your Ideas

You’re an expert in your industry. You know the best about what you’re selling, and how you have to present it to your buyers.

If a web design company doesn’t listen to your opinions, then you probably should reject them. Their designer needs to put your views into action, not build their pet project.

They Have Their Own Ideas

You may know your business, but your website needs to be designed by someone who can bring exciting ideas to the table.

If a web designer is a yes-man, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

They Have a Marketing Department

Remember, you need something more than an eye-catching website. If a web design agency has designers, developers, and marketers, you can be sure that the product will be more than just an attractive paperweight.

They can Design with CMS in Mind

A Content Management System (CMS) is essential for a website. You surely don’t want to call the developer every other day with another request to update your site.

Every web design agency is familiar with the most reliable content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Magento).

However, in the worst-case scenario, if your designer suggests a static HTML website, leave him because he is not from this decade.

They Know Responsive Design

According to Google, Responsive Design is the best way to design a website. A web design agency needs to be well-versed in responsive design & create a separate mobile website.

While 51.92 percent of global website traffic comes from mobile devices, a  mobile site is essential for businesses. The right designer will take you there.

They Have Longevity

A sincere web design agency’s ability is its longevity. An experienced design company had to change and adapt to the many new trends of the internet & they are more likely to be around next year to support your unique website.

Their Designers Know Conversion

A designer must know more than making something pretty. A sincere web design agency has a team of designers who knows conversion.

They will know the perfect layout, navigation, and calls to action. An “if-it-looks-good-they’ll-convert” philosophy doesn’t work in today’s world.

They Have Experience in More Than One Industry

You might think if your web design company only do websites for a particular industry, then they must know all about that industry.

Possibly, but it also indicates that you’re most likely going to end up with a website that’s a twin of the other seventy-five websites they did this year.

A web design company that operates with many different types of industries is more likely to create a unique website. A unique website means more & more audience.

They’ve Worked at Both the Local and National Levels

Whether you’re a national brand or a local business, your web design agency should know about both. If your web design agency has only worked with local brands, then there’s a good chance your new website won’t get big success.

The designer needs to know more audiences to stand out. If a designer can think both big and small, your chances are higher to achieve the business goals.

They Keep Up with Modern Design Trends

You will surely never want a new website design that would’ve been popular last decade. A web designer requires to follow up with the latest technology and modern design trends.

Consumers are much more likely to buy from a business if their website looks modern. Good design companies follow what’s trending in their websites.

A web designer should be familiar with parallax scrolling, flat design, responsiveness, and dozens of other methods and components. However, modern & proven styles should maintain a balance between them.

They prioritize user experience

Your website should be aesthetically charming, enlightening, compelling & functional. Remember, user experience should work as the base for your web design agency’s works.

Experienced agencies will take a smart approach to choose colours, determining space, picking fonts, etc. Website first impressions are 94% design-related. Consider these examples:

  • Adding infinite scrolling lowered Time.com’s bounce rate by 15%.
  • ESPN.com experienced a 35% jump in revenue after incorporating community feedback into its design.
  • Bing’s revenue increased by $80 million for choosing a specific shade of blue led.

Research shows that by 2020, 45% of all e-commerce will happen on mobile devices. So making your site easy to use on mobile is the key to provide your potential consumers with a good user experience.

Ask your potential web design agency how they’ll ensure that your new website will be as user-friendly as possible. If they seem thrilled about it, then you can bet they’ll reflect while creating your new website.

They approach website content as “Content is King”

They say in the SEO industry that “Content is King,” and this statement proves itself with each Google update. Creating website content used to be simple but not anymore.

Now, it’s much complex and tricky. So as you consider your shortlist of agencies, look for one that shows you a strategic, rational approach to how content works for your website’s progress.

Have a look through team members, too. A sincere web design agency should have a copywriter on staff minimum who will work with you to craft literary gold.

They’re Not Dirt Cheap

Your website is the most valuable thing in your business. You can not afford to cut corners here. If you want a website that’s going to work for your business, you have to invest in it.

A great website will cause a high return on investment. An imperfect website will result in the opposite.

They Test Before Launching

Testing is one of the important parts of developing a website. It highlights the gaps in functionality and user experience.

Good web design agencies should test each function of your website multiple times on at least the 4 main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge/Internet Explorer), and test both the desktop and mobile versions from Apple, Windows, and Google devices.

Now, you got the desired one. You are just a step away from success.

Types of Web Pages

Online there are more than 1.7 billion websites and in every minute it is increasing. A website design is a key or the heart of a website.

Types of Web Pages

If your website design will not meet with your service or blog or what you need to express somehow it will be a deserter for you. 

For better understanding let’s see the 8 types of web pages: 

  1. Homepages
  2. Magazine page 
  3. E-commerce websites
  4. Blogs
  5. Portfolio websites
  6. Landing pages
  7. Social media websites
  8. Directory and contact pages

So choose which one you will take to follow.  

Web Design Service

Right now you have understood what you need and what don’t isn’t it? If so, then time for choosing a web design service.

Web Design Service

Think like this way, a teacher asks you various questions or says a lot of formulas to make your math easy. 

And after some days you need a teacher on math subject who can teach you better. So, do you search on Google or you try to take service from that math teacher who has solved your problem.  

Simple is that, YES! You will take that math teacher service. Now, We are willing to say to you that we are giving web design service ( AtZ Technology) for the last 8 year in the USA, UK and Canada and those counties are highly expressed in our work.

In addition, most of the clients are working with us for a long time and we are giving our best in every project as we did for the first time. 


The perfect web design will never appear magically. You have to hunt it down and remember without knowing all the details about how to choose a web design agency that may cause you a fortune.  But when you get the right designer, your hard work will pay off. So, choosing a web design agency is a lengthy process, but this process will make sure that you followed an impactful one. Money well used. Above all, trust your gut. Never undervalue the importance of “clicking” with a design team, and don’t proceed with a working relationship that will leave you feeling anxious about your investment.