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Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Technology on Society

Technology has made our life very easy. In recent times,  the impact of technology on society has gradually increased day by day. It takes part of a human’s daily life. From the family to state, all the sectors connected with the benefit of technology. Electronic devices and social media bring a new dimension to the society. It makes a difference between traditional society and modern society.

Impact of the Technology on Society

Technology has played a role in any sector of our life. Some of them are discussed below.

Impact on family

Technology played a vital role in the family. Many of our family member stay in different places for their work or job. They can be connected with each other over the audio call and video call. In this process, the technology made the world a global village. Family members can connected always by the service of technology. Nowadays, many children stayed at home and spend most of their time on youtube or gaming suite. Students can watch television in their homes.

Impact on School and College

Modern   Education system has changed collaborate with technology. The computer and projector are operated in many schools in our country. The teacher has to ready a lesson for students before the lecture. The attendance fingerprint sheet makes a remarkable contribution to technology. It’s created a huge difference in the traditional system and the modern system of counting the presence of students.

Impact on the Communication Process

Some Apps of social media like What’s  App, IMO, Messenger, Skype made easy the communication system of ours. We can communicate with people into the world with use these Apps.

Business with the World Market

Students and any job seeker have the opportunity to involve the outsourcing market of the world. They can run their business from home through the use of technology. The free market economy connected all the world markets with the online-based communication system.

Technology has given the opportunity to rise the E-commerce. Electronic Communication network sites where business magnates are invested in increasing their business site. Amazon and Ali Baba are two renowned companies in the world.

Online Shop Service

A person can buy any product by the user’s online Shopping  Apps. It makes the lifestyle very comfortable. People can buy anything to stay at home with online Apps.

Less Time but More Opportunities

With the use of modern technology, we consumed valuable time. we can do more work at the same time. Skill build-up program available in the online video sharing site.

According to cable(1995), Transportation costs are falling with improved physical communication with the help of improved technological advances in telecommunication, computing, fiber optics, and satellite. This has resulted in the speeding up of information flow and transformation of goods across nations more quickly and efficiently. This is being achieved through the technologies that are at the heart of the communication and transportation globalization, which is ongoing.

Some Negative Impact of Technology on Society

There is some negative impact of technology in the society.

  • By watching exotic culture and TV serials, People try to use it with their family. For this reason, divided into the family increasing day by day.
  • Most of the student,  spending huge time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Fake news is available on social media, rumors are a common factor in social media.
  • Women are being harassed by spreading fake photos and comments.
  • Students use banned sites in the technology which is very dangerous for their mental health.
  • Some bad people try to hack the online site and use it to blackmail 


It can be said that technology has both positive and negative suite. It is a blessing for ours. We should use it in a positive way to get the best output.