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What are the Impacts on Technology

Impact of Technology

We can write thousands of words about the impacts on technology. But before that, we need to know what technology is. After that, it would be easier for us to determine the impacts of technology.

What is Technology?

The definition of technology is defined as science or knowledge that is put into practical use to solve problems and work with proper ease to prevent complications and less use of time. In simple words, technology is the study and transformation of techniques and tools created by humans.

Introduction to Technological Impact

 Everything in this world has its positive and negative impact. From our personal desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell-phones to technology that furthers medicine, science, and education. Technology is here to stay, but it is always in the form of expansion. As each new technology enters the market, it has the potential to improve human lives. But, in some cases, it also has the potential to affect physical and emotional health simultaneously.

Problems we Face!

Technology has come up with thousands of solutions nowadays. But people are facing problems by the by. Some of the major problems that consumers need to face are mentioned below.

Musculoskeletal Problems

When we intend to use a smartphone, the chances of holding our head in an unnatural forward-leaning position is high. This particular position puts a lot of stress on our neck, shoulders, and spine also. Many surveys were made among people in 2017. Some self-reported that they were highly addicted to smartphones, Tab, and other different technologies.

Overuse of technology can also lead to strain injuries of the fingers, thumbs, and wrists. Because it creates intense pressure on our hands.

Whenever we are drowned too much in the pain of technology, these things can be done to reduce these issues:

  • 1.take frequent breaks to stretch the body parts like shoulders, spine, and hands.
  • 2.create an ergonomic workspace to have a stressless surrounding  while working
  • 3.maintain proper posture while using  devices

If the pain persists, we must see a doctor rather than bearing it for so long.

Sleep Problems

Technology in the bedroom can interfere with sleep in many ways.

According to the investigation by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 90 percent of people in the United States say that they use tech devices in the hour before they go to sleep, which can be psychologically and physiologically stimulating enough to affect sleep.

Emotional Problems

Social media has the power to get connected to the world. But, comparing self to others can leave us feeling inadequate or left out sometimes.

A recent study looked at social media, between the ages of 20 and 32, the use of more than 1,700 people. The researchers found that high social media users felt more socially isolated than those who spent less time on social media. Those who use more internet, get more news on their feeds. Thus, they get more ideas on what is going on on this earth. The news is not always useful. But also sad, romantic, rebellious, and many more types.

If using social media makes us feel anxious or depressed, we must try cutting back to see if doing so.

Negative Impacts of technology on kids

 Even after factoring out junk food and exercise per day, technology appears to affect the children’s health.

The researchers used a broad definition of children on the screen time that included:

  • Television
  • Video games
  • Phones
  • Tech toys

They conducted a simple study using an anonymous survey online. The study authors concluded that parents and caregivers must help children learn to reduce overall screen time.

According to doctors, children should go to a field and play with friends to spend recreational time. But the impacts of technology totally turned the norm nowadays.

Research has linked too much screen time or low-quality screen time to:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Less time for play and loss of social skills
  • Obesity
  • Sleep problems
  • Violence

Children who spend a lot of time on digital devices can experience symptoms like myopia and eye strains. This is advice to the parents or caregivers who should watch for signs of digital eye strain in children.

Technology Impact

New technologies, however exciting they are, could create too much complexity to be adopted by customers and the organizations. Customers prefer simple technologies that help them navigate life more conveniently and that would save time. Not always the technology is useful. It is a mixture of both complexity and relevant output at times.

Final Thought

Technology has undoubtedly done a wonderful job for the world today. Simply, anything can be done with the help of technology nowadays. Everything has become so easier. But, the impacts of technology are equally responsible for the situation we are having today. This is us who can get things back to normal with our daily practice. Technology would be there, but the user should be limited and up to the much we need, not more than that.