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Importance of Technology in Nursing

Importance of Technology in Nursing

Technology is the science or the branch of knowledge or study of industrial arts put into practice used to solve problems and invent useful tools. Technology has evolved and shaped our work in many ways. As technology advances, therefore will its influence intending. 

Nurses should currently be school savvy to navigate online charting systems, update health records, schedule care, and additional. In days past, patient info was unbroken in fastidiously filled, written, charts. Now, technology in nursing has created it easier than ever to remain patient data expeditiously recorded and kept.

A survey of over 600 skilled nurses found that 82% agree that new technology and instrumentation innovation can also benefit professionals conjointly. 

Mostly agree there shouldn’t be associate degree over-reliance on tending software packages and technology, which human eyes on symptoms and desires ought to be as necessary as what tending technology is spoken communication. 

While technological advancements aren’t a remedy as tending solutions, new technology is dynamic, the method nurses add positive ways that.

Technologies using the Nursing Field

As the population ages, as lifetime will increase and because the nursing shortage continues, these new medical technologies are crucial for continuing patient care, and also the healthcare system is massive. 

The nursing profession finds several of these new medical technologies facilitate them with routine processes and might decrease human mistakes and errors which will return from too few nurses, operating long hours, with too several patients.

Below there 5 stands out technologies reworking treatment and nurses are educated concerning new medical technologies and practices, patients, and supplier’s profits. 

Automated IV Pumps

IV pumps mechanically deliver each nutrient and drug directly into the patient’s veins. They’re one in all the foremost common and most vital items of hospital instrumentation. While not IV pumps, a nurse’s work would ne’er be done. The consequent generation of machine-controlled IV pumps is rather more capable than people who have preceded and supplied a variety of benefits for nurses. 

There area unit IV pumps for nutrition, which provides required meals at the correct times. To boot, there are unit self-pumps that permit patients to extend a controlled quantity of pain medication for themselves. Automated IV kits provide nurses opportunities to specialize in alternative areas of labor, rather than having to live and provide medication or food.

Additionally, several nursing faculties provide coaching and knowledge on new software packages and technology, together with however machine-driven IV pumps work and why they’re valuable.

Portable Monitor

The other notable nursing innovation within the medical field is that the transportable monitor, that permits nurses to examine their patients despite wherever they’re. Since nurses are invariably on the move, these monitors build their life easier.

Portable devices monitor important signs like ECG, metabolism rates, and element saturations whereas transmittal the data back to a central monitor. This suggested that nurses can get an alarm notification if there is an emergency. Some 

Important signs that portable monitors indicate are – ECG, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation, etc.

Smart Beds

Smart beds are the astonishing innovation of technology which have a lot of features that help both nurses and patients. It keeps patients safe and comfortable during long hospital stays.It helps nurses track the movement, weight of patients without making them uncomfortable.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is one of the most helpful inventions of science. It helps to store data of patients accurately. It helps nurses to take proper care of patients according to their health condition.


With this technology, patients can be diagnosed at home with the help of responsible doctors or nurses over phone calls. It helps to prevent patients from coming to public places like hospitals.

Overall about nursing technology we can say it’s like a blessing for both nurses but also patients. Where telehealth helping patients diagnosed from home there Electronic health record helps to store data without mistake. Another technology like the portable monitor is used for ECG, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, etc and smart bed helps nurses to track the weight, movement of a patient without making them uncomfortable.


So, in conclusion, we can say that technology is a blessing of science for the health sector. Technology is used on safety checks to prevent mistakes. Discoveries improve nursing and make it easier to receive services.