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Importance of Technology in the Classroom

Importance of Technology in the Classroom

The present era is going on technology. The globalization process makes the world a global village. We can connect easily with each other through the use of technology. The primary step to learning something is started from our student life. The education system is changed day by day, by the use of modern technology.

Importance of technology

We are the people of 21 first century which called the era of technology. To connect with modern technology, the education system is upgrading the syllabus of the class. Today, the Internet is the best platform for acquiring knowledge from the whole world. Most of the time, we reach the internet to solve problems. 

Teachers and students can be connected through the use of video chatting. The visual classroom is one of the modern innovation of technology. Students can be connected with the teacher from their homes. They can ask any questions freely to the teacher. Projector based education is another platform of modern technology. Students can collect the lecture from the teacher for revised it later. The smartphone is the mini version of computer, Most of the parents use it for communication. Students can gather knowledge through the use of it.

Modern education system connected with Information technology. Modern technology brings a new dimension which made up a huge difference between traditional and modern education systems. Technological changed in the classroom created new teaching methods and different types of learning.

Advantages of Technology in the Classroom:

Ø Most of the students connected with technology, Technological based education will be more enjoyable for them.

Ø Participation in the class could be calculated easily by the use of attendance fingerprint.

Ø The Facilities of  Audio and video system in the classroom gives students more opportunities to revised their lessons.

Ø Encourage individual learning to a different site.

Ø Online participation system gives more opportunities to gather knowledge from different sites.

Ø By using technology, Students gather more practical skills like Presentation, leadership, etc.

Ø With the help of countless technology and resource, teachers improved the communication process with their students. Teachers can use the digital formula of the education system and it will help the student to learn easily. 

Disadvantages of Technology in the Classroom

Ø Many students use a smartphone without any necessary work. They spend their valuable time with gaming and chatting. They kill their time in unproductive things.

Ø For the use of technology students must need money, it impossible for the poor student to take the facilities of technology.

Ø Most of the teacher does not know how to use the computer and other related technological parts.

Ø Sometimes students use the banned site of the internet which is very dangerous for their mental health.


We can say, despite some disadvantages of technology, the importance of it very much today. The Management Body of the education board should utilize technology for better movement of our country.