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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

The use of engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler, and more efficient is called industrial technology. In the industrial technology field, employees are efficient and creative about technological terms. They can produce more by using technology.  Industrial technology programs generally include computer application, industrial planning procedures, organizational behavior, report, and presentation preparation.

Industrial Technology in Industry

There are some technologies that make the industrial sector updated. some of them are discussed below:

  • Knowledge management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industrial internet of things
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Geospatial Information Systems

Types of Industry with Technology

Some type of industries which using technology are discussed below:

IT Industry

IT industry based on the collection, distribution, processing, and use of information. Different types of industries use information technology to complete their service.IT sectors are totally dependent on information technology.

Garments Industries

The garments sector is a renown industry in the world market. Bangladeshi garments products exported in the many countries of the world. The use of technology in the garments sector is increasing day by day. Including machinery to other related components are being updated by the technology.

Communication Industries

Communication Industries like newspapers, magazines, and books are mostly connected with technology. communication industries played a vital role in the part of economic growth in the United States.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast TV channel related to technology. Broadcast media included Television, Radio, Internet media, and online streaming. This system is connected with the internet .we can see live streaming videos from anywhere stay at home. News from anywhere reached ours at the moment by using technology.

 Software Industry

The software mainly consists of technology. industrial essentials work are doing by the software-based programs. Trade software maintains the calculation of industry. The software industry is the major exporter of data from country to country. The United States has been the world leader to make the software industry.

Space Industry

Space industry totally related to technology. It is combined with three major sectors like space crafts, ground support equipment, the launch industry. The System of Spacecraft is composed of software programmers, subsystem manufacturers, and satellites. The system of ground support equipment sector is made by mobile terminals, gateways, control stations, VSATs, direct broadcast satellite dishes, and other specialized equipment manufacturers. The launch industry is created by launching vehicle manufacturers.


Robotics are used in the industrial system for huge industrial output within a short time. It can perform much work without the physical support of mankind. By the invention of Robotics, it brings a revolutionary change in the industrial sector.

Ecommerce business(h3)

Industrial elements collected by the E-commerce site of technology. The online market system between buyers and sellers made it easy to supply the product.

Industrial Infrastructure

Modern Industrial system Mostly combined with technological elements. Infrastructural development is changing with technology.

Role of Technology in Industry

Technology played an important role in the Industry. In recent times, most of the industry uses modern technology for more output within a short time. Garments factory using a new machine for less cost. It helps to growth of economic power. Technology is used in the collection of industrial elements to produce industrial products.

Technological Revolution

Industrial RevolutionTime PeriodKey Points
Industry 1.01784·         Mechanization·         Weaving loom·         Steam power
Industry 2.01870·         Electrical Energy·         Assembly Line·         Mass Production
Industry 3.01969·         Electronics·         Automation·         Computer
Industry 4.0Present·         Internet of things·         Networks·         Cyber-Physical Systems

The chat gave a new massage about our industrial revolution and the use of technology.


Recently, the Globalization process makes the world market more comparative. To stay in the world market, it is needed to apply technology in the industry sector.