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Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is defined as the technology which means the practice of computers, networks, and other physical devices in order to create, store, formalize and perform other procedures that include the exchange of useful information through networking. Harvard Business Review authors enunciated the term Information Technology to the global world.

For example, the various physical devices that we use daily are allowing us to walk through the vast world of Technology. A few years back, we used to listen to the radio. And now, with the availability of the internet, it has been replaced by online platforms such as YouTube. Video conferencing and meetings are so convenient to use nowadays that we are preferring this over the physical meetings in a conference room.

Types of Information Technology

The various forms of IT are being used by every individual starting from a barber in a barbershop to the CEO of Facebook. Some notable types are stated below:

  1. Communication Tools
  2. Content Management
  3. Customer Relationship Management
  4. E-commerce
  5. Engineering Software
  6. Information Security and so on.


The term “Information Technology” or “IT” is widely used in the field of computing and related business. It has become the part and parcel of the modern computing world that we are living in. One of the biggest activities that every networking site is facing is Data Storage. And with the tremendous outbreak in IT, it has been possible to protect the company’s valuable records. It is allowing only a certain amount of customers to access a particular website. This is how the outbreak of IT is making the world of computing and networking more safe and convenient.

Career Opportunity

A career in Information Technology involves the performance in an IT-based company as well as any networking farms. The field has become so vast that finding jobs in any IT sector is no longer a difficult task. But one must have the necessary skills in IT basics. But what’s more important is making yourself prepared for the company you’re working for. For example, someone has signed up for a customer service job. His task is to provide the customer with valuable information about his company and solve the problems of customers. In that case, he/she might want to gather knowledge about different software that his company is using. 


One of the many advantages of Information Technology is the fast and efficient communication. A decade ago, it was quite difficult and expensive to communicate with people living far away. But with the groundbreaking advancement of Technology, it is much more easy. For instance, the daily use of instant messaging, chats, voicemails, video conferencing has become so popular nowadays that it can be said without argument that the world has come in the palm of our hands. This has become possible because of the advancement in technology in the recent few years. Other advantages are:

  • Easy sharing and storage of information 
  • Automation in various aspects of life
  • Speed & efficiency 
  • Enhancement of employment


With the practice of technology in every aspect of our life, it is safe to say that technology has made our life easier and safe. Acquiring knowledge is no longer a burden to students. A learner can learn from anywhere in the world with the help of a device in his hand. Besides, the educational institutions have allowed its students access to the global field of knowledge, the internet. It is now cheaper than buying books from the store. So definitely, one of the key features of Information Technology is that it has enhanced a new level in gaining knowledge for the learners.

Apart from education, it also has some other features. These are pointed below.

  • Economic development
  • Efficient administrative services 
  • Fast development in rural areas
  • Beneficial for common people because it allows awareness of their rights and to take any action against an evil power.
  • E-governance
  • Making the society and its people as whole.


  • Negative impact on social skills: People are focusing towards modernization as well fast communication through technological devices. This has made a negative impact on them as they are deviating away from socialisation. So family relations are being hampered.
  • Other side of education: Some learners prefer education on the internet which is appreciated. But it is not always an unmixed blessing. The dark side of the web is also open to them. So it has given them the opportunity to waste their time in vain, driving them away from their track.
  • Physical and mental effects: One of the dangerous effects of technology is the vast presence of obesity among people. As starting from doing a hard task to ordering food online has become easier, people are preferring sitting at home more. This has many negative physical impacts. Mental health is also ruined as well.
  • Privacy and Security: It is one of the most challenging things about technology. The privacy of a company as well as an individual is now easily breached through the internet. People are afraid to share their information on the internet because it is not always secured. 


To wrap it all, there is no doubt that Information Technology has made our life fast and easy. There is no aspect in our life that hasn’t reached the blessing of technology. Apart from its drawbacks, it is by far the most important and helpful development for mankind.