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Multimedia Technology

Multimedia Technology

Technology is a blessing for the multimedia system. It has played a vital role in the development of multimedia systems. Computer and modern technology have made easy the multimedia system. Various kinds of technology are used in the multimedia system, which very effective for us.

Multimedia Technology

Multimedia technology interactive applications having various media elements, Including text, Graphics, animation, video, and sound. To created the multimedia video both the hardware and software are used in the program. In the 1993 first edition of McGraw Hill’s Multimedia Tay Vaughan declared “Multimedia is any combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video that is delivered by computer.

Types of Multimedia

  • Interactive multimedia
  • Hyperactive multimedia
  • Linear multimedia

Benefits of Multimedia

The Multimedia system brings in our society many opportunities. The Technology of movies and music is changed by the demand of the current situation. The recreational multimedia system also developed its content with technology. Smartphone, Internet-connected computer, mp3 player all digital devices are forwarding created a new era of a Pop culture where positive environment is rarely active. By the cultural integration of  South Asian recreational heritage of folk song, theater drama, gossing, local sports played a vital role in mental development, are under extinction threats, but digital refreshment can play a little role in building up sprit and mind.

Technological Impact on Multimedia

Technology brings huge development in the multimedia system. Some impact of it is focusing on the below line.

Computer-based Multimedia

By the development of technology, hardware and software are used for developing multimedia. The system of  0s and 1s are used to store and process sounds, still graphics, and motion video. Videography and Video editing format being updated by the computer-based multimedia system.

Still- Image Technology

At the Image Processing system, many specialized forms of multimedia are included in the programs. In this process specially designed for handling business forms, Images, Graphics, or pictures. In the banking systems that use computer output, microform devices to store images of checks and insurance companies also use imaging system to scan insurance applications, claim form, and pictures of damages to customer’s property. Aircraft is flying by using this technology.

Animation and Virtual Reality

Animation and Virtual reality are the most sophisticated forms of multimedia systems. In this system, combine video, sound, and animation to form virtual reality outcomes. Film industries using this technology for making Animation movies. It could not be possible without technology to created big-budget animation movies. The character and background side of animation movies are manipulated by using technology. Lighting in the 3D elements and 2D visual development mostly 

Full Motion Video Processing

In the middle time of technology, broadcast television and videotapes record moving pictures by using 30 still pictures or frames for every second of motion.

the web designer which could be used for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. By using 

Interactive Website Designing and Learning

Animation movies can be integrated into websites, which are made On PC as well as mobile devices. Present time smart boards are used in schools and colleges to engage and attract the learners.

Smartphone and Tablets

The invention of Smartphone and tablets have played important role in the multimedia sector. The first smartphone was made in 1999 b NTT DoCoMo in Japan. Smartphone added a new journey in the multimedia sector. By the use of some Mobile App, we can do many works within a short time.

Video Conference and Meeting

In the time of  COVID-19, officials meeting and conferences are held by using online apps like the Zoom meeting, Skype. It is created an opportunity for doing the officials work to stay at home. 


In the above description, we saw the different scenarios of the technology on the multimedia systems. The integration of multimedia technologies on various systems has brought a remarkable change to society.