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Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

With the change of time, innovation has also come. In its wake, electric lamps are being used to illuminate houses instead of fires. However, to make modern life easier, the wonder of modern technology is going on from house to house.

Smart home technology generally basic home amenities that have been fitted with communicative technology, sanctionative to some extent of either automation or device.

It includes things like:

  1. Appliances like laundry machines, fridges, and garage door openers. 
  2. Home recreation systems, home security systems. 
  3. Environmental controls, like air-con, heating, and lighting.

Smart Home Technologies

Here below we will discuss  4  smart home technologies:

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa App can be used to line up your Alexa-enabled devices, hear music, produce searching lists, get news updates, and far additional. The additional you employ Alexa, the additional she adapts to your voice, vocabulary, and private preferences. But the reminder option of it sometimes can be frustrating.

2. Google Assistant

If “Amazon Alexa” is first then “Google Assistant” will be the second. Even though less third party integration it sometimes does much smart work then Alexa does. It helps in everyday tasks, schedules, and controlling smart devices. It also can make music and video with your voice. It will text and call individuals on behalf of you. 

3. Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit

It enhances your home with soft white lighting, controlled remotely wherever you are through Alexa or Google Assistant. These bulbs are extremely convenient and also save money.

 4. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug helps you to manage your electronic devices right from your phone or Tab. The sensible Plug uses your existing home WLAN network to produce wireless management of lamps, heaters, fans, and more–with no subscription or hub needed. Merely plug the Wemo mini sensible Plug into the Associate in Nursing electric outlet, plug a tool into the sensible Plug, and manage your device victimization of the free Wemo app.

Whether you’re moving on the couch or leisure within the Caribbean, you’ll be able to remotely manage your lights and appliances from any place within the world.


Finally, we can say that Smart Home is a shining example of the use of technology at an advanced stage. Smart Home technology has come to inform that the application of modern technology in their homes can create an unimaginable environment. The smart home is, therefore, a symbol of realizing the dreams of modern people.