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What is Technology Definition


Technology is not an uncommon word in this modern-day and age. From the moment we break free from our sleep to the late hour when it is our bedtime. Technology is never far from our reach. Why you may ask? It is quite simple actually. Since technology is just about anything that is crafted using scientific knowledge to ease our troubles or to solve problems, naturally we humans have fallen in love with it. A love that just won’t relinquish no matter how much technology dominates every part of our lives. 

Our History with Technology 

Paleolithic Tools 

Technology has been surviving alongside the human race since the Stone Age. Yes, it is quite true. The impetus it needed to birth such advancement came when cavemen began using scrapers fashioning out of stones and stones cinched using plant fibers to sticks, extracted from trees, to hunt and even to harvest. Our ancestors outsmarted the wild beasts prowling about in the woods with the first-ever paleolithic tools devised in history! It can be said that from then on technology had staked its place on earth. A place which to this day, is irreplaceable.

The Wheel

The next greatest invention came along in around 3,500 B.C. when wheels were introduced to the world. This use of technology was so colossal that it took the market by storm and left everyone’s hunger to grab hold of this masterpiece. Though the technology is said to have been discovered by an ancient civilization known as the Elamites, within the twinkling of an eye, merchants, commuters, and the transport sector, all over the globe made good use of wheels. If one did not own or go about with their lives with the help of wheels, one was not considered up-to-the-minute. 

This goes on to show just how we resemble our predecessors who could not do without availing themselves to the latest technology. 

Printing Press 

Next up, somewhere in the 1430s came the technological breakthrough in the development of paper, that is, the movable printing press! Courtesy of Johannes Gutenberg, at the outset of paper press Europe began to have its first taste of nationwide spread of literacy. Something which was once only feasible to the affluent. Johannes achieved this unprecedented endeavor by putting together a hand mold and a type of metal alloy. Publishing of great masses of books and then newspapers succeeded this invention and barreled through the discrimination of education against the desolate. It is truly no wonder that this fragment of technology has had a hand in the growth of global civilization. 


Lastly, since we are conferring about inventions that shaped the world we now live in, we cannot go without the mention of Thomas Alva Edison, the intellect behind the creation of electricity. Known as America’s greatest inventor, Edison, despite his poverty-stricken state, labored all day and spent his leisure time scouring through the multitude of books his mother would award him with. His passion for physics hauled him into investing a myriad of hours in the technology of electric and magnetic waves. It was not until 1879 that Thomas Alva Edison that his uphill battle heralded the first-ever light bulb. Though light bulbs are these days a dime a dozen, this technology paved the path for even more unparalleled inventions succeeding it.

Evolution of Technology

The Internet

The world changed its course when, in the year 1990, the internet was invented. This technological leap was so humongous of a step that it submerged itself into everything we now know of. Need to steal a peek of the newspaper? Just type in the name of the article in your smartphone or laptop and BAM, you are not free to dive into the world of news which is amended almost every hour! How about online shopping? Or perhaps the Global Positioning System (GPS). All these may seem minuscule now but three decades back such maneuvers of Cloud space, blockchain, even digital currency were inconceivable. And these all were made plausible solely through the groundwork laid out by the internet. A technology that marks the pinnacle of human accomplishment.


Completely in juxtaposition with the other technological inventions, smartphones are the descendants of feature phones, the otherwise tames version of cellphones. Housing only the most basic of services and functioning on an Embedded Operating System, the feature phones display the adaptations brought into the first-ever cellular telephone, launched in the year 1983 by Motorola Inc. Since the feature phones allowed the user access to only elementary multimedia and texting and phone calling others who possessed a phone themselves, with the introduction of the internet there was a gigantic demand for a presence of added services in the phones for better utilization of this piece of technology. The feature phones only having been able to browse through a smattering of internet’s gifts, increasingly asked for the assistance of a computer to properly surf the internet. This birthed discontent among people and soon, the tactic to amalgamate the feature phone and the computer to craft an impeccable blend of both began spreading among applied engineers. Hence, smartphones came to be! 

Invented in 1992, the first smartphone was launched by International Business Machines (IBM) and was named Simon Personal Communicator. Of course, this miracle of technology cultivated incessantly for almost 2 decades and here we are now, just one click away from just about everything. Want to see a loved one residing abroad? All you need to do is give me a video call and the rest is history! This is just one example of how almost 5.15 million people apply the countless bounties that technology presents them in their lives.

Artificial Intelligence 

Dominating a hefty portion of modern technology is the invention known as Artificial Intelligence. Just as the name suggests, this innovation comprises intelligence that computers, or machines, gain by emulating human intelligence to solve problems efficiently through gaining awareness of their environment and ruminating to spot creative fixes. Born in a workshop at Dartmouth College in 1956, John McCarthy took the first leap towards cybernetics, communication between machine and living being. Though the research initially received negligible support and did not gain needful funding. It was not until the 1990s that artificial intelligence came into practical use, for instance, medical diagnosis and data mining are the products of artificial intelligence. 

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is a commonly used technology in almost every field, ranging from video games to healthcare and advertisement. Our very own three musketeers of artificial intelligence, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have captured the world with their alluring skills at human-like communication, and obedience of command. Some of us cannot even properly function without these creations of technology.

Boons of Technology

Today, the bulk of the human population, including most of you reading this article, lead a swift lifestyle. Delay in any work is comprehended to be a failure and a huge loss of time. Everything now needs to be fast-paced and that is where technology comes in. In a hurry to reach your destination? Just use your smartphone to hire a cab and off you go! Need advice on how to treat skin-burn at home? Launch a Google search on your laptop and there you have it, thousands of websites are there to avail you. No task is inexecutable with technology at our side. 

What We Have Made Of Technology

As mentioned from the outset, technology is all that cocoons us. From the push of a magnetic lock to the click of our beloved phones, we float on the surface of an abyss of technology. It will not be long, putting our current headway into perspective, that we all will drown. And this will occur merely due to our failure to pay heed to the fact that just like everything else, technology has two faces. Even now as you are reading this article, massive supplies of oxygen are being obstructed with the felling of trees for the purpose of acquiring land for industrialization, and let’s not forget the murder of innocent birds through the installation of cell phone towers. 

While a smattering of the human population is educated and battling against the flip side of such excessive use of technology, the leading portion could care less. Is this statement harsh? Yes, it is. But does the acerbity lessen the reality of today’s world? Not at all. Activists all over the globe are crawling their way through the wastage deposited by gigantic industries and factories, another miracle of technology, fatiguing themselves in hopes of bringing forth a momentum that will revert the condition of the earth to what it used to be before we forced it to be unsound due to our greed for technology. 

Technology no doubt has helped us in every step of our way to attaining global civilization and harmony. However, ignorance of our addiction, or perhaps the excessive application of technology where we can do without it, is going to be our downfall. So let us center ourselves and try to look at the big picture. Technology is what we craft it to be and with our skills and determination, we all can save Mother Nature from being poisoned by our imprudent use of technology.