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What Are The 16 Different Types of Technology We Use Everyday

Types of Technology

Can you imagine one day without technology?

NO! it is quite impossible now.

The importance of technology plays a bigger role in our regular life.

It has been a while since people are getting serious about technology and understanding how important it is in our daily and working life. 

So, let’s talk about the 16 different types of technology we use everyday so that you get a bigger picture of which makes the most impact in our ongoing life.

Before diving into the types of technology, let’s see some technology facts and stats. 

Positive Technology Statistics

  1. According to statista.com, more than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at present which encompasses 59% of the total global population. 
  2.  14.2 billion devices are connected to the internet. Companies are anticipating that in 2021 more than 25 billion devices will be connected to the internet. 
  3. More than 570 websites are created every single minute. 
  4. Every single day 250 million hours of movies and TV shows are watched via Netflix and that has increased more and more during this pandemic. 
  5. In 2013 Amazon included 1000 robots in their warehouse. At present they have more than 45,000 robots.
  6. One of the most alarming parts is that 47% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 -25 years. Because of this, robots will be replaced by humans.

Each and every sector is involved in the technology fields or is wise to do that. 

However, We have seen a lot of change in this Pandemic time that more and more companies are spending money on technology platforms to reach their potential consumers. 

These are some brief amounts of facts and stats by which you can understand the importance of Technology. 

16  Types of Technology We Use Everyday

Technology is attached to us every single moment.

It is not like we are willingly denying the fact of the necessity and essence of the significance of technology.

For that, I have made a list for you so that you know what are the 16 different sorts of Technology one by one. Ok, Let’s know the first prime 7 types of technology.

1. Education Technology

The main object of educational technology is to increase the performance of the pupils and give the best learning environment with different technological resources in the online or offline classroom. 

To understand any subject or need to get more ideas about that particular topic, technology helps students to learn deeper in academic resources.

Importance of Technology in Education

It aids the students to learn different ways to solve the very issue for their work with the help of utilizing information, resources, designing, drafting, and editing every single time. 

Education technology makes it much easier for the pupils to get a better learning and solid environment. 

It provides easier ingress to get different types of materials and getting touch new information around on that particular topic or topic. 

Students find motivation when they have all their resources in a single palace, not like an artificial way of finding anything to wait for every stoppage.  

2. Information Technology

This Technology or IT covers in broad terms but in the most common ground, We can understand that it works with the help of Hardware and Software.

Information Technology

Most of the time people call someone when they face any kind of problem with their computer. Try to solve their problem with people who know better about computers. 

In addition, The most primary idea of Information technology is in a broad sense it’s the application of technology that needs to be solved the problem for any business or organization. 

No matter what your roles are in the IT department. IT  people have to resolve the problem, otherwise, it can create a big or small issue. 

Hardware is related to all the physical products of the computer like motherboard, mouse central process of the unit and hard drive, keyboard, printer, and other things as well.  

Software is unlikely hardware, software is not a physically accessory to fit in any palace. 

However, it holds some space on that hardware. The software comprises all the programs, and applications like video, audio, and other mobile apps. 

3. Communication Technology

We will all agree on one thing which is the need for Communication technology. 

Right now, Communication technology is playing a big role in our society, working, networking, education places, and those aspects we can not deny. 

Communication Technology

In our daily life routine, unconsciously we stick to communication technology like glue on the wood. 

Every single day we share information, emotion, anger, exchange ideas, achievements, and whatnot. 

The advantage of communication technology is that it makes it easier to connect with others within a moment. 

It can be your friend, family,  working staff, or any unknown person. 

Communication technology is also creating new business areas on different platforms like radio, television, social media, and the internet. 

It has created a business field for small and big business companies. 

And most companies are using paid advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google ads, and internet marketing as most people are using these platforms. 

As a matter of fact, they are investing money and getting the most pertinent consumer for their business. 

In the near future, It will play a big role in creating plenty of job opportunities. 

If anyone can build good skills in communication technology and score it day by day he/she will get a good job with a smart amount of money. 

4. Medical Technology

This is one of the most significant and valuable types of technology which can assist to improve the method of the medical system and can expand human life. 

It is quite remarkable when it comes to technology in the medical arena. 

Medical technology

It has improved the most advantages and less risk in human life expectancy. 

Around the globe, more and more countries are adopting Medical technology and getting used to it day by day.

They have recognized the importance of medical technology for taking the best benefits out of it. 

Developing and developed countries now are focusing more on medical technology. 

In this Pandemic Italy has used Robots for their patients so that doctors will not be infected with the COVID 19  virus. 

It aids pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to collect the best possible medical elements research, molecules, drugs, testing diseases, and infections. 

The majority of work has been successful and more has underwork on getting success in the healthcare sector. 

In previous years, People were suffering from various diseases because of not having drug and testing equipment. 

Now, The number has changed because of vast medical technology. People can find out their problems and get the best solution fast.  

5. Architectural Technology

Architectural technology is the application of creating design and construction science to resolve technical problems in architecture. 

Architectural technology works in various industries like materials manufacturing, residential contracting, building engineering, and together with construction in a professional way. 

Architectural technology innovation gives clarity, several ideas, and real pictures in a very easy process by which the client can easily see the work process. 

It has helped to cut off the cost to go through the draft and edition process as clients can see works visually before going to the real work done.

If he needs any sort of changes by using architectural technology work then it helps to get the work done easily.

After the 19th-century industrialization changed a lot. Then day by day after the new area of Architectural technology comes out, now the architecture can develop new ideas, and concepts and input them without doing any experiments in physical work rather than losing any penny.

It has given the flexibility to the engineers to do practices with the designs with real experiment 

6. Business Technology

Business Technology is an idea that narrates all technology that aids an organisation to run its business and operational methods. 

Technology mainly gives importance to customers to solve the problem and other logistic solutions rather than back-office financial systems, among others.

the role of technology in business

Small businesses establish the new concept to take the best benefits out of it by getting different leads of the products. 

Technology helps to understand the competitor’s work so that they can do better than them. 

As I have talked about Technology opportunities in the business field of communication technology. 

Business Technology is another part of a study in business school. 

Right now, Most of the company are facing big problems in traditional marketing. 

So, They are hoping and seeing that by using business technology they can get the best benefits at less cost. 

7. Product Technology

This technology is to realise the specification features of the products or services as per the market research and manufacturing process. 

Product technology is very specific and is used by the manufacturer of the product, service, manpower, design, materials, methods, and other things with that.  

Product technology has changed the world in a big number. 

In the past, People took goods from one place to another inside the country but here comes the transport system by which goods go from one to another country. 

The car industry is in a new prime period before that cars used oil. However, I still, use oil. 

The telephone creates a  big innovation for product technology. 

The mobile industry has created a new and modern dimension. 

8. Space Technology

This technology is established by Space Science or the aerospace industry to take advantage and use it in satellites, spaceflights, and spaceflights. 

Space technology also has other various things like equipment, support infrastructure, space stations, spacecraft, procedures and other things. 

In this stuff, space needs more advanced technology to control all the technical aspects. 

In our daily life, a lot of thighs depend on Space Technology without that, it would not be possible. 

Moreover, those are satellite television, weather forecast, GPS system, and long-distance communication rely on space technology.  

Without getting proper space technology we won’t be able to know about different planets, orbit, the history of the sun, and how far those are. 

We couldn’t know the mystery of the upper sky. 

Earth and Astronomy Science also have to benefit from Space Technology. 

9. Artificial Intelligence

One of the most unexplored and undiscovered stages is AI. 

AI is most probably complex and may create human history.


Artificial Intelligence
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Though, It is in the ice bar stage rather than making baby footsteps. 

Its other name is Machine Intelligence which is displayed by the machine. 

It is opposite to human or natural intelligence.  

According to computer science, intelligent agents’ study is known as artificial intelligence. 

A device stores its environment and takes the best possible step or goal to get success from it.

There are 7 types of AI ( Artificial Intelligence): 

  1. Reactive Machines
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self-aware
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) 
  6. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  7. Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

The main component of AI (artificial intelligence) is knowledge engineering. 

If AI has enough information stored on it around a specific subject then it can react like humans. 

For Implementation, Knowledge Engineering needs to build a relationship with AI  and have to access properties, categories, and objects.

10. Robotics Technology

This is the area that is associated with Artificial Intelligence.  

Robotics is a part of technology, science, and engineering and goods machines are called Robots. 

It is reckoned that the Robotic will be the most suitable replacement for a human. 

Right now, In Robotics implemented AI and because Robotics can design with the equivalent of human intelligence like the sense, touch, have the credibility to measure the temperature. 

Some the Robotics are able to make some decisions on their own but it is still in the research process still. 

The Interesting part of Robotics is making robotics inserted by humans.

Robotics is very beneficial when it comes to any single work in the same manner, but multitasking, it has not yet adopted those forms. 

Robotics are commonly utilised in automobiles companies to do easy tasks and repeated jobs. 

As it has not developed that much it can do simple work by itself. 

11. Agriculture Technology

This technology is used for horticulture, agriculture, and aquaculture with a single object to advance the yield, efficiency, and profitability. 

In every sector of agriculture, technology is needed from beginning to end rather than in all the stages of farming. 

Agricultural Technology

This involves packaging, harvesting,  feeding livestock, threshing grain, collecting crops, planting crops, cultivating crops, land irrigation, protecting crops from weeds and pests, seed plantation, and soil tilling. 

This is one of the most dynamic and revolutionary inventions which is perfectly working for the ample number of basic to advanced work on the farming stage. 

Agriculture technology has made an enormous change in the working field of harvesting and increased the working process but before this work was done by the cows and other animals. 

This machine was created with the aid of modern technology to do a significant amount of output in the food and farming sector all over to save money and time for the world.   

12. Superintelligence

We all know a human is the greatest intelligence on the planet. 

Nothing hasn’t been crossed the human brain. 

But if anyone designs and arranges some revolutionary thing which could make output and suppress everyone that will be called Superintelligence. 

Superintelligence is an intelligence method that can quickly develop intelligence in a shorter period of time. 

particularly, to cross the cognitive capability of the ordinary human being. Superintelligence has been utilised in science fiction and talks about AI ( Artificial Intelligence). 

Some concepts of superintelligence a precise types of artificial intelligence. 

The activities are capable of triggering a fugitive reaction in which artificial intelligence excels. 

The ability of people and beings is to manage humans in certain ways.

This technology has a prime role in various studies regarding artificial intelligence stands. How it will be progressed and protect humanity from certain artificial intelligence. 

There are an ample number of fiction and movies and I think that they will change the world and change the working style of the people. 

It will be about control and human thought. Superintelligence is still in its baby stage and right now it hasn’t had that much growth. 

13. Operation Technology

This technology controls and monitors the hardware and software parts in the physical device.  

Operational technology or OT is a section of computing and interaction methods to maintain, monitor, and control technical operations. 

They use it on physical and processed devices.

Operational technology monitors and manages industrial process assets and manufacturing/industrial equipment. 

OT extends a longer time than IT or Information Technology. More precisely, when we started to utilise equipment and machinery, powered by electricity in the building, transportation, factories system, the utility industry, etc.

OT is the hardware and software that holds stuff, for instance, equipment, companies, power plants, facilities, etc. working.

14. Entertainment Technology

This technology is more advanced and vast to create and enhance entertainment.  

Every single company attempts to run the entertainment sector in its own way and entertain with its own Gerner.  

Modern Technology created various sections like musical games, movies, and podcasts, and kept more and more individual work in entertainment technology.

There are various types of entertainment and those are: 

  • Show control
  • Automation
  • Animatronics
  • Computer simulation and virtual reality
  • Augmented reality and interactive environments
  • High dynamic range
  • Light field devices
  • Scenery fabrication
  • Properties
  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Video

Most of us find relaxing to watch videos like movies, web series, songs, and other types based on personal interests. People love to enjoy their free time by utilising entertainment technology. 

The new technology has created an advanced modernization. But in previous days we used a CV, DVD,  recording player, tapes around the world. 

However, at present entertainment technology has made that easy so that everyone can watch anything in their small room. 

Entertainment technology has given me that much flexibility and choose anything on my own which means I can do my wise. 

15. Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is a piece of equipment, any items, program, or software product system that is utilised to increase, improve, and maintain the functional credibility of the person who is disabled. 

This technology aids that person who is unable or finds it difficult to do a certain task.

Assistive technology supports people who have a problem hearing, speaking, typing, walking, pointing, writing, learning, remembering, seeing, and many other things.

Different disabilities need various assistive technologies.

Some schools use this Assistive technology to aid the boys/ girls or autistic who are facing problems with legs, sometimes watching or writing or any disabled body parts. 

Because of advancement,  assistive technology makes it possible for those who could think about talking or walking right now and they can do that by taking a helping hand.    

16. Transportation Technology

Transportation technology refers to devices and machines applied to resolve issues or improve conditions with regard to the movement of people and products. 

New technology is aiding in to transport of goods from place A to place B which is better than before. Innovation tech has made a big change in the transportation industry like autonomous vehicles and e-bikes. 

With the help of this technology, we can go anywhere we want to go in a fast forward way. 

It can be inside the country, the downside of the road, or a hundred and hundred miles away from home.

In short, In this modern era, people are attested with technology. 

Without any doubt in the next few years, humans will be more dependable on technology. 

With these 16 types of technology we use everyday, we have realised the importance of Technology. 

In addition, not only technology will take a big role in the modern work industry but also that it will have made an enormous impact on the ground of daily life.