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Technology is all about techniques, skills, methods, processes, machinery, and equipment development, the application of scientific knowledge used in the production of goods or services. Having a higher percentage of women in the workplace related to technology is known as women in Technology.

When one woman helps others, amazing things can happen. They struggle and face unique challenges.No matter where a woman in their professional development or what kind of technology is related, women are under-represented in the tech sector. That’s what Women in Technology are all about.

What is Employee Engagement and Satisfaction in the Tech Sector?

In sectors where employee engagement and satisfaction are reflected by the quality of the product or service and in that case, gender diversity is especially important, according to Morgan Stanley. That statement applies to technology as well as financial, retail, and leisure and business services where women are under-represented in the tech sector.

The findings of Morgan Stanley’s research are explained below:

A survey study was done where there were hundreds of respondents to estimate what percentage of individuals in the tech sector were women and the answers ranged from 0 to 100%, with the average being about 45% and then asked them a number of questions about their workplace environments.

How Women Influence the Workplace?

Having more women in the workplace also has a positive environment related to employee engagement and retention. Prediction about having a higher percentage of women in an organization is

  • More job satisfaction;
  • More organizational dedication;
  • More meaningful work; and
  • Less burnout.

Why Women in Technology is Needed?

Employer, people from organizations having a high percentage of women were more likely to cite positive and meaningful, enjoyable organizational culture, including having:

  1. Opportunities to make a difference.
  2. A job that fits well with other areas of their life
  3. Enjoyable work.

If men worked for companies that employed higher percentages of women then they feel being more satisfied with their job, enjoying their work more, and not feeling as burned out.

What do Women Want from Work?

A women want from work are given below:

  1. Women Want a Calling but not Just a 9-to-5
  2. Women Want Respect
  3. Women Want Real Leadership Opportunities
  4. Women Want Flexibility in Where, When & How They Work
  5. Women Want Equality

Here, we can briefly discuss it:

1. Women Want a Calling but not Just a 9-5

women want a personally meaningful work where they can connect to their values, purpose, and work-life balance. They also want a job that gives them the opportunity to make a difference

social scientists refer to it as “a calling.” Callings are jobs that people feel drawn to pursue and find intrinsically enjoyable and meaningful. They also see them as a central part of their identity. The researcher explains that experiencing work as a “calling” is related to increased job satisfaction as well.

2. Women Want Flexibility in Where, When & How They Work

Women want, importance, benefits, equitable flexibility from their workplace that concerns rose to the top of the list. They also want paid time, healthcare benefits, paid leadership development, flexible schedules, opportunities, and a healthy environment to move up in the organization.

Talented women want to raise families where flexibility might be particularly critical when it comes to retaining women with children. They need a flexible schedule. In the other case, work from home was more important compared to women who didn’t have children. Research shows that women need much flexibility than men.

3. Women Want Real Leadership Opportunities

Women are as likely as men to be interested in real leadership opportunities, raises, promotions.

Women have so many reasons for turning down leadership opportunities compared to men.

Men typically turned down positions because they didn’t want it such as they aren’t interested in the role, don’t like the supervisor, or don’t want to relocate, don’t want to work longer hours or they didn’t get offered enough money. On the other hand, women typically turned down because they worried that others would support them or not.

4. Women Want Respect

Women are as likely as men to be needed with respect. Some organizations expect women to be more qualified than men for the same position. Nowadays higher education has historically been regarded as a male domain.

5. Women Want Equality

Women want equality in work which includes position, opportunities, and resources.emerge, with women taking over the most household and domestic tasks. nowadays women want the role of the men as the “good provider” and also have equal contribution to household and domestic tasks

Final Thoughts

The time has changed when a woman only gave birth and women engaged primarily in domestic tasks such as child care and family work while the men went out to work but due to the Industrial Revolution, it has changed the work situation for both men and women.

Now the hearth and home had been the center of production as well as only for family life but industrialization changed the locus of work from home to factory. This is true that there are some problems in the workplace for women and they don’t change overnight.but still women have a better chance now than before in the Technical sector.