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The Best WordPress Theme for Photographers in 2021 – Free & Paid

The Best WordPress Theme for Photographers - Free & Paid

Are you looking for the best WordPress theme for photographers, then you’ve come to the right place. 

A WordPress theme planned explicitly for photographers which can feature your work, discover more customers, and associate with other similar photographers.

Today, we’re going to talk about some awesome photography WordPress themes that you can use to create a stunning website. 

All of these themes are easy to use and have tons of features to showcase your work uniquely. But first, let us go over the features that are essential for a photography website. 

Loading Time 

First of all, loading time. A photography website is desperate to have lots of photos on it. If the theme does not support fast loading, the website is going to be a complete mess. For this reason, a fast loading interface is a must for a photography website.

Portfolio Section

Then there is the portfolio section. The core reason for making such a website is to showcase how great your work is and a great showcase demands an even greater presentation. 

The more you showcase your work to others the more you get visitors and customers to your website.

There are a few other thoughts, but I focused more on these two factors. Now that we’ve gone through these features, let’s move on to the list of most popular WordPress themes for photographers.

Premium WordPress Theme for Photographers

Picking a specific theme for your needs as a photographer is the ideal solution. But around tons of themes, finding the best one is tough. 

To achieve maximum impact online, your website must have a quality design. For this reason, premium themes are holding the peak of the mountain. 

I’ll show you the top 5 premium WordPress themes for photography websites.

1. Photographer

The first theme on our list is the photographer WordPress theme and as a minimalistic and distraction pre-design it offers a proper image viewing experience on any device along with zoomable images. 

The home page offers eight different layouts you can choose from photo Wall, photo wall landing, bass fades, video background, slides, Ken Burns slides, thumbnail slider, and a single image of X on your home page. 


Next, the work tab comes with four layouts to choose from: the gallery with Zoom, gallery without zoom, simple gallery, and photo gallery 3. 

Then, we have the blog section, which has three layouts you may choose from a simple blog, blog category, or blog with a sidebar layout to attract your reader’s attention. The About section comes with typography and lots of shortcodes. It incorporates tabs, toggle accordion alerts, social icons, and different button styles. 

This theme also incorporates a shop button-cart, so regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or just a hobbyist with the photographer WordPress theme. You can create a sleek composite website for your business.

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2. Blacksilver

The second theme we have is Black Silver. This theme offers a home page layout with a menu Bar placed vertically. 

That layout is very useful for a website. It also comes with the Elementor builder, so you don’t need to worry about writing any code yourself. 


It offers 14 different homepage layouts with pages, portfolio Gallery, journal events, proofing shop option. The about services and contact options are integrated with pages. 

While portfolio and Gallery offer a total of eight layouts to choose from, the journal section is simply your blog section with five different style options. 

If you are holding an event then you can showcase your post updates in the events sections. You can easily manage your clientele with this theme as it has a built-in proving system with password protection.

It supports per page menu, WooCommerce and WPML. You can also prevent people from unethically downloading and using your images by disabling the right click option with a customized message. 

The theme offers some other awesome options such as full-screen slideshows, Lightbox filterable, and lazy loading. 

This theme allows you to sell your photos and are on your site with the WooCommerce e-commerce system with price variation options.

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3. Ashade

Our next contender is Ashade. This theme is completely different from the previous ones. They had done some creative changes with the pointer and the result is extraordinary. 

It has four homepage styles, 5 styles to portray your words, ribbon slider, grid, masonry, an adjusted, and eight styles for the showcase. 


The story page may prove beneficial for you. If you want to share your stories with your audience. The testimonial page will help you to get all feedback from your clients. 

But honestly, these are not the features that made it so special. You must take a look at the creative page transitions, smooth scrolling, and interactive mouse cursor. The developers have nailed it with the appearance and effects on the theme. 

Not only that, but Ashade also provides you with WooCommerce support, a client proofing page, and cross-browser compatibility. 

All in all, Ashade will be the imperfectly creative theme for your photography portfolio and business. Without any doubt, it’s one of the most premium WordPress themes for photographers.

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4. Novo

For the next theme, we have Novo. You can enjoy a total of 13 different homepage styles with this theme. 

The fun fact is, all these themes are available in both light and dark mode. The photographer style comes with slider categories and the about info. The second version of the photographer incorporates a landing style with a portfolio and about info. 


The third version presents a minimal portfolio with a side menu. The shop photographer version offers you a shop option on the right sidebar. 

All the homepage styles are unique and crafted perfectly for your photography needs. But with this theme, you can also showcase your projects via different Gallery styles. 

22 useful pages are included in the theme so you can use them as you need. 

There are blogs, shops, service sections and about sections, and many more. The blog section has four styles grid with or without sidebar, horizontal with or without sidebar, masonry and password protected. What makes this thing for your needs and in near future the coming soon and the 404 pages. 

The booking option may come in handy if you are planning a photo exhibition. The menu option in navigation styles gives you a lot of freedom to customize your website according to your taste and guess. 

Visual composer is built in so you don’t need to purchase any other builder.

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5. Divi

We have the Divi theme. It is a complete multipurpose theme. It can be pretty good for whatever reason you want to use it. Once you have the Divi theme, you will have access to a few layout packs tailored explicitly for photography, marketplace, or showcase photos. 

In their free Divi layout packs. You will be able to customize these layout packs to the most minute detail using the Divi Page Builder. 


Divi page load Speed is the only slight concern. However, it makes up for this with its extensive range of design options, level of functionality, and seamless experience on all devices. 

You also have access to a wide range of documentation and excellent premium support if you want endless possibilities at your fingertips. So, the Divi WordPress theme for photographers is slightly a better choice for beginners.

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Best Responsive WordPress Theme for Photographers Free Download

In the term of photography websites, responsiveness is a major factor. 

A photography website contains so many photographs but if it’s not properly responsive then your site will look like a mess. 

There are lots of free photography themes to download. But most of them are pretty low in terms of quality. So, in this section, I’ll provide you some amazing free responsive WordPress themes for photographers. 

And for those with a little cash to splash, you may also get some premium features too.

6. Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is a free WordPress theme for photographers that can deliver an incredible structure for getting all of your images on a website. It is one of the best WordPress photography themes free for download and customization.

Photo Perfect

Photo Perfect is a responsive photography WordPress theme for professional photographers, photograph bloggers, and inventive creators. 

The theme is extremely simple to handle, keep up and use consistently. On the off chance that you are hoping to make a solid online brand presence through their imaginative and inventive work then this topic is made for you.

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7. Pixgraphy

With a large full-screen header image, Pixgraphy is a free WordPress responsive photography theme to download. With the integration of social media on top, pixgraphy looks amazing on the large screen.


The design looks pretty great on the mobile interface too, as the entire pictures and text modules adjust right properly when they need to. 

Alongside that, you get threaded comments for conversing with clients and translation documents for contacting the followers that don’t communicate in your language.

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8. Neve

Neve is a flexible theme built with photographers in mind. It’s a free WordPress theme but with some extra money, you can buy the premium version. 


As far as features go, Neve is optimized for speed. It enables you to customize every aspect of the layout you choose.

This theme incorporates in a real sense many ready-to-use website layouts that are ideal for private companies.

Each format appears to be unique, yet they all offer a promise to a cutting edge, clean plan style. 

Odds are you’ll discover a format that as of now incorporates every one of the pages you need, so you can get your site ready for action quicker.

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9. Photograph

If you are looking for a bold WordPress photography theme for free then you should try Protograph. The visual representation of the theme is awesome and you can use it for your photography website. 


It is a WordPress-free theme that only works for picture takers, bloggers, portfolios, photography offices, or photography studio sites.

It has spotless, very adaptable, completely responsive plans, stunning new highlights, total 1-click site demos, and lifetime free updates. Photo configuration can be utilized for a site. 

This Photograph topic with a wonderful video recounts the tale about how the photo decidedly affects an individual’s life. 

It comprises Contact Us Template, Gallery Template Photograph Template, gadgets, and Sidebar.

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10. Fotographie

The Fotographie WordPress theme is an incredible punch as an exceptionally visual, free theme for photographers of all ability levels. 


It’s a cutting-edge topic with an insignificant theme and various highlights to utilize.

Fotographie truly permits you to construct a straightforward and rich website right away. It places your photos in the spotlight and guarantees that no space is wasted on the screen. 

However, it’s free so you can download it straightforwardly from the WordPress Theme Directory.

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Stock Photography WordPress Theme Free Download

Nowadays, stock images are really important for any type of visitor. There are so many popular websites that are fully based on stock images. You can easily design a WordPress stock photography website by installing a theme on it. 

So, in this section, we will talk about some amazing WordPress photo gallery themes that will be free to use.

11. Photomania

As a photographer, Photomania will take you to the next level of the stock photography section. It’s a free theme and contains some unique features too. It works as a WordPress photo gallery theme also. 


The dazzling design looks like something you would largely need to pay for, with the responsive format, modern components, and engaging typography and graphics. 

The portfolio segment gives a channel to direction, and you should simply transfer your pictures to put them in an excellent grid design. 

You can download images from the website you publish. So, you can call it an amazing free image download WordPress theme also.

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12. Infinite Photography

Infinite Photography is a basic and clean WordPress theme for photo galleries with an extraordinarily rich plan and it is not difficult to design with Customization Options. 

Infinite Photography

This theme is uncommonly intended for photograph publishing content to a blog, photo sharing, and appropriate for travel, food, way of life, sports, and so on. 

A translation-ready theme with significant program support. Infinite Photography is a free responsive theme that is suitable for a wide range of devices. 

The entire site tone can be changed with a single click. Replaceable logo, diverse design of landing page and category page, social icon coordinated, own copyright text, and so on. 

The site can be made do with a left sidebar, right-sidebar, and full width. Make your site utilizing Infinite Photography which will furnish you with a wonderful experience of image publishing content to a blog or other typical websites as well. 

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Wedding Photography WordPress Theme Paid

Wedding photography themes are almost the same in the category but some special themes can help you to focus only on wedding photography. 

There are some different features and functionalities based on the wedding ceremony. So in this section, we will discuss some premium WordPress themes for wedding photographers.

13. Solene

If you were in the field of wedding photography, this next theme will be just perfect for you. Solene  is an easy-to-use photography WordPress theme with a powerful admin panel and a large collection of home and inner pages. Solene includes the WPBakery page builder and his helmet is compatible. 


The extensive typography options allow you to showcase your work and even better ways. It has 12 different homepage styles, 8 single portfolio pages, and seven inner pages. 

In the portfolio section, you have the freedom to use the load more or infinite scroll options. You also have the option to showcase your pricing and team members on home pages. 

Social icons let you use your social profiles with a simple click and the call to action button intrigues visitors to take the action you want them to take. Solene also offers a separate header styling for mobile and multiple logo versions. 

With light and dark variance for mobile header and sticky header. For example, the theme does not offer too many plugins for free yet. 

We  have listed it on our favorite chart because of the mobility, functionality, and style options. You can select this one as the best-paid wedding photography WordPress theme.

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14. Olbia

Olbia is an elegant elementor page builder based on WordPress photography. Since it is compatible with elementor front end page builder any part of the web page will be easy and straightforward. 


It has a variety of page layouts to speed up the web development process. The theme options panel enables theme customization to get a unique design. The bulk image upload feature will save the public on time. 

It is a professional WordPress photography theme specially made for wedding photographers.

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Wedding Photography WordPress Theme Free

Some free themes are also available for free. You can use them as your wedding photography. WordPress theme and customize them as you want. But features will be limited for the free themes. Some of them provide premium features with some extra amount.

X Portfolio

X Portfolio is a responsive WordPress theme for wedding photography, agency portfolio, personal portfolio & personal photography, studio, or anything digital. X portfolio is specially created for wedding photographers, take it for a spin today.

You can use this theme as a WordPress wallpaper theme that will be free to download. 

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Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos is a child theme exclusively built for photographers, bloggers, portfolio, photography agency, or photo studio websites by theme Freesia. It is clean, super flexible, fully responsive designs, amazing new features, complete 1-click website demos, and lifetime free updates. 

It’s a completely free WordPress theme for wedding photography with extensively customizable powerful and advanced blog themes incorporated with awesome features.

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That’s all from my list. With this, I have come to the end of today’s article. Now you might be wondering which one would be the best picture. If you ask us! Then we can say,  

For example, if you want a lot of options and styles from a website, the Photographer theme would be a good choice. If you’re more focused on the creative component of the site, I suggest Ashade and for easy build-up go for Blacksilver. 

But if you don’t want to spend money on your project then you can go with any of the free themes above. Those are the best WordPress themes for photographers as I presume. Stay tuned for more exciting content in the future. So that’s it for today.