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13 List of Free & Paid Acquisition Marketing Channels on Online 

Acquisition Marketing Channels on Online 

The acquisition of new customers has always been a challenging task for marketers. No matter what type of business it is, acquiring new customers and maintaining the current ones- will always require a significant amount of creativity, effort, and time from marketers.

Apart from those factors, the cost of acquisition is also something that needs to be considered seriously as well. Especially right now, since acquiring new customers is only being costlier day by day, and marketing activities or campaigns are also being more and more expensive in particular cases, the task of marketing has never been so difficult to do!

And while marketers have to deal with these issues constantly, there is another one going on, customers being less trustworthy to businesses and brands.

So, there is no denying that it can be very overwhelming being on this side of the situation, the marketers’ side. But you know that you just cannot stop marketing products or services for these issues, right? That’s not the solution we’re looking for.

The thing that you need to do is- to market with smarter strategies and improved ways of customer acquisition.

To materialize your “smarter not harder” strategy, acquisition marketing is a very significant part to be done flawlessly. This article is expected to provide you with some insights regarding this acquisition marketing and its various dimensions. 

What Is Customer Acquisition Marketing?

The process following marketers brings new clients or customers to their business can be referred to as customer acquisition. 

What Is Customer Acquisition Marketing?

Why exactly do marketers want to acquire new customers and clients? Simply because they look forward to crafting an acquisition strategy that’s sustainable and systemic simultaneously and also has the ability to evolve according to newer trends and changes that often take place.

If you haven’t particularly considered the significance of customer acquisition previously, well you should now. Remember that whether your business is a big one or small, whether it’s old or new, customer acquisition is always a mandatory component of it.

The reason for that is the fact that, by successfully doing customer acquisition, you can make enough money to pay your employees, meet your costs, invest for further growth, and so on.

It’s also evidence of traction for parties that come from outsides like influencers, investors, partners, etc. 

The moment you’ll notice that your company or business is sustainably acquiring newer customers and converting them to loyal ones, your business will be healthier, and What Is The Best Marketing Strategies Used By Companies All Time? What Is The Best Marketing Strategies Used By Companies All Time? your investors will be happier as well.

Now that you know about customer acquisition, how to do it- you might wonder about that. Well, that’s where acquisition marketing arrives!

Acquisition Marketing

When you implement special strategies while bringing new products or services to market and marketing them to your new customers, it can be mentioned as acquisition marketing. 

Usually, to execute acquisition marketing, a very strong and balanced alignment and collaboration between your marketing and customer service teams will be necessary.

Among all types of customers that your business has, as being a part of acquisition marketing, your focus will be concentrated on the ones that have already become aware of your brand somehow and are considering purchasing from you.

One important thing to remember here is the fact that your customer service team is equally capable of bringing on and keeping new customers as your marketing team. 

So you should keep in mind that acquisition marketing is just not about how gracefully you can market, but is much broader as a topic.

13 List of Acquisition Marketing Channels

To bring your acquisition marketing strategies to real life and to your customers, you will need acquisition channels.

List of Acquisition Marketing Channels

These channels are the mediums through which you will interact with your customer base.

Acquisition channels can be various platforms, methods, or strategies. They will attract new fans, new readers, new viewers, and new leads. 

The channels best suited for your business will depend on multiple issues like your audience type, your resources, or your overall strategy.

Let’s get to know some commonly used acquisition channels that most businesses utilize:

Free Acquisition Marketing Channels

We find free customer acquisition marketing also effective channels by which you can collect a good amount of new customers in your bucket.

It is true that it will take some time after that the process will go on. Here are the free marketing channels for new customer acquisition:

1. Content Marketing

A very helpful and effective form of acquisition channel is creating informative and useful content for your customers. 

By ensuring your brand keeps providing your customers with new, interesting, and relevant content constantly, you can expect to gain a lot of attention from people and thus get loyal customers as well.

2. Blogging

Another extremely effective and efficient way to attract new customers. By maintaining blogs, your brand will be able to explore so many different topics that will attract customers with varied interests.

This will also represent your brand as knowledgeable and build authority for you among customers as well. Also, starting a blog and running it is relatively easier too!

3. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is almost a free marketing process that can drive more to the website.

Email Marketing 

There are a few ways to collect mail from the targeted audiences. 

Once the visitor comes to the website, show a push notification where they can submit their email to notify when a new post is published. 

Moreover, cool mail can be but the chances are less to get a response from the targeted audiences. 

4. YouTube Marketing 

Even though making classy videos was not really a preferable choice earlier, tools to create amazing videos are way cheaper than previously and videographers are also largely available (thanks to the freelancing community!). 

You can easily start making videos that promote you, represent your brand message to your customers, gain their trust and finally turn them into loyal customers!

5. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most prominent online free marketing channel which drives a huge amount of traffic to your website. 

Search engines work in an organic method and it gives a better ROI compared to any other marketing method. 

Nevertheless, we mostly want to see the immediate result in a quick time. However, SEO takes time to see the positive impact and increase the traffic to your website. Once you get there, now it is your time to catch the big fish.  

6. Quora Marketing 

Quora Marketing 

Quora marketing is one of the best free marketing strategies to drive more visitors to your website. Quora works as a question-answer system where you can ask questions and give the answer as well. 

Various people ask various niche questions to know more about the topic, if you have some knowledge about the topic then he/she gives the answer and besides that, he shares a link to reading the full article. 

In addition, the other perfect place to share your website link is your quora profile bio or you can create a space (like Facebook Group) where you can share your website regularly updated, old and new posts as well. 

7. LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn still works in an organic way. You can reach more people in your niche if your post gets 10 likes and 6 comments then the possibility is high to viral your post. 

Via this process, your profile will visit more people and in your bio more will convert to your website. 

However, you can add your company name page and group to add more people to it and share various topics on the page and group easily. 

8. Social Media Platforms

As you might already know, social media marketing can be done in two different ways- organic and paid.

Which one will be more beneficial for your business depends on your business form and also on your audience’s preferences.

9. Word-of-Mouth Marketing 

Word-of-mouth marketing is a prominent marketing strategy. Once it starts it becomes bigger and bigger day after day. 

Both sides can be affected either in a positive way or a negative way. However, once you get the trust of your audience word – of – mouth marketing works like fire. 

Though, this marketing method cannot track as there is no data collection system. In tradition marketing     

Both free and paid have equal importance in the online marketing field to grab the new customers.

Paid Acquisition Marketing Channels

10. Facebook Ads Marketing 

If you want to show your product through advertising at a cheap cost what you will do? 

Definitely, you will first think about Facebook ads marketing. 

Facebook ads start at $1 which is so cheap compared to any other advertising platform. 

Facebook Ads Marketing 

Facebook has 2.1 billion monthly active users which means every industry of the customer can get there easily. 

All across the industry, Facebook ads have a 9.1% conversion rate which is pretty good.  Facebook is highly cost-effective. 

It has 6 types of options and you can choose according to your choice. 

Facebook Ads Marketing 6 types  

Facebook cut off your promotional budget cost online as you can target a massive audience with a limited price range. 

After Facebook ads marketing we choose Google ads because Google ads marketing costs are higher than Facebook ads compared to money-saving. Otherwise, in the ads industry, Google will be the one advertising company.

According to Orerlo Google has 89.2 billion active users monthly. In addition, Google single-handedly is dominating the Search Engine. 

Business owners are willing to buy the place where he/she shows Ads for a particular product. 

Through Google, you can do promotional marketing on various websites, YouTube Video ads, and Apps. 

The average conversion rate of Google on mobile devices is 3.4%. Google has an ecosystem by which they know the audience’s interests and collect all the data. 

And that data helps the advertiser to target their best possible customers according to their product or service specification.  

12. Event Marketing 

Event Marketing

Acquiring new customers is not easy but if you work in event marketing with the proper plan then we are 100% sure you will get a good amount of customers in your bucket. 

After the pandemic people understood the importance of online event marketing as well. So, event marketing has both options online and office to acquire new customers or get good leads at least. 

With the use of event marketing, more people will know about the product or service. Even those who were unable to know more about you now can know via event marketing. 

Sometimes, event marketing arranges with a purpose of a targeted audience for example: 

You have decided to arrange a digital marketing service but before that, you arrange a digital marketing event where their industry names are coming to your event. 

Now you run Facebook & Google ads campaigns of business owners who are willing to establish their work in the digital marketing industry. 

13. Referral Marketing 

For any new business referral marketing is one of the best marketing strategies. You can call referral marketing affiliate marketing as well. 

For example: 

When Amazon starts the business after some years they understand the impotence of referral or affiliate marketing. 

And then they start giving affiliate marketing options on their business goes to skyrocket. 

All the people aren’t in the same categories and their needs are different from one another. 

So, Amazon takes advantage of there as Amazon know they can’t run huge campaigns on various platforms for PPC campaigns. 

So, they take a different approach to giving the referral link and the publisher will work that and earn some extra money. 

Publishers are finding good types of products and writing and talking about those products which amazon itself does is find tough. 

So, in this process, 3 parties win 1. Business owner, 2. Advertiser 3. Publisher 

Customer Acquisition Marketing Strategy

The list of marketing strategies to successfully execute in acquiring new customers can be a bit longer. But few of them are always going to be relevant to most types of business, let’s get to know them:

Customer Acquisition Marketing Strategy

A) Defining Target Audience

The first step of acquisition marketing- you need to define your target audience, make sure you are spending all your time and energy on some people who actually matter to your business.

B) Using The Right Acquisition Channel

As you already know, there are a variety of acquisition channels and all of them are not going to be the right fit for your business. Find out the best-suited one, particularly for you.

C) Leveraging Video Content

Since people always tend to prefer to be visual learners, video content will always be welcomed by them. You can send your brand message through video content effectively and efficiently.

D) Doing Giveaways

You need to remember that only words are not going to be enough for you to bring new customers to your business.

Doing Giveaways

You often will need to do something more than that.

One thing that your customers will highly prefer is having the chance to test your product or service for free.

So why not give them that chance?

E) Regularly Creating High-Quality Content 

Your brand needs to continuously create high-quality content. A disruption in that might make your customers think of your brand as poorly managed.

F) Focussing on SEO

Only creating high-quality content will not be enough. You need to ensure that your customer is actually having the opportunity to see them, read them, and visualize them. That’s why you need to focus on SEO so that your contents appear on top of the search engine result pages.

G) Running a Referral Program

This one often serves as the basis of multiple acquisition strategies. You can offer extra features, discounts, special facilities to your current users or customers so that they would recommend your brand to others.

H) Creating Optimized Landing Pages

Landing pages contribute to directing customers to your product or service. A landing page that’s effective and efficient enough, will offer valuable information and include compelling call-to-action, facilitating conversations.

I) Improving Websites and Email Engagement

Even though this one is almost as old as the internet, it still is relevant highly to the discussion because by improving your website and email engagement, you can stay in front of your target audience promoting your brand.

Final Words

Customer acquisition is basically the challenge that keeps lots of marketers motivated. It sure demands a lot of creativity and effort, but after all, that’s what makes markets’ jobs so exciting and interesting. So gather your resources available and start doing your acquisition marketing strategies to flourish your business now!