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The Best Elements of Video Marketing Strategy Include in 2023

Video Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Whatever business you have started or have been doing for a certain amount of time, it can be assumed that the significance of video marketing or using various types of elements of video marketing strategy is not something new to you.

Almost everyone knows very well how important video marketing can be, no matter what type of business we do. 

However, there have been some changes in the lifestyle of people, after all, we are living in the 21st century.

So it’s not very strange that traditional ideas and conventional thoughts are no longer dominating the current business trends. 

Just like many other modifications that the business world has observed, the importance of video marketing has hugely been increased throughout the previous years. 

In the overall marketing plan of ours, video marketing is not just a single small piece of it, rather, it is now considered central to your outreach and campaign efforts, especially in situations like social strategies.

So there is no confusion about the fact that, if you are not making videos for your business like many more, you simply are falling behind. 

In case you still are in some kind of hesitation about what exactly to do with this issue, don’t worry, this article will hopefully help you out a lot. 

Also, you should be happy about the fact that quality video making is not some kind of hassle as it was before. Even the smartphone that you carry with you for 24 hours can be used to shoot a very beautiful video that will attract your customers, all you need to have is a little guideline so that you can understand how to proceed further with this.

Before moving on, let’s define what video marketing essentially refers to, what abstraction it represents.

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What Is Video Marketing?

What Is Video Marketing?

Definition of Vidoe Marketing:

In a very simple explanation, video marketing is nothing but a tool that you are going to use to let people know about your product or the service that you provide. By using video marketing, you will try to promote your product or service, increase people’s engagement on your digital and social channels, try to educate and inform your consumers or customers and thus reach your audience through a new medium.

Why Focus on Video Marketing:

In recent years, there has been a significant modification in the criterion of what role video marketing plays in our business. 

Turns out that video marketing is no anymore a singular marketing tactic, rather it itself has become an entire marketing strategy. 

It’s a holistic business approach, and while making videos, don’t forget that your videos need to be made and presented in a conversational, actionable and measurable way.

The report from HubSpot research shows that more than 50% of consumers are out there who would like to see a video from your brand and that depicts the fact that these people prefer this video type of marketing other than any type of content. 

So in such a situation, don’t ignore the issue. Unless you ensure that your marketing team is prioritizing video marketing enough and taking proper actions further to make it effective. 

you are not going to be able to capture this huge market segment, of course, you don’t want it to happen.

Types of Elements of Video Marketing Strategy:

Types of Elements of Video Marketing Strategy

Now that we know how important video marketing is from the perspective of the modern business world, the time has come for you to acquire the relevant knowledge, regarding the basic types of marketing videos and select the perfect one for you.

1. Demo Videos

These types of videos are basically to showcase the way through which your product works or your service can be useful for them, in other words, it gives a brief idea about your product and everything you want your audience to know. 

It might be like taking your viewers on a tour of the software that you are launching or it can also be like the unboxing of the newest collection of your product as well. 

No matter what type it is, it really creates hype among people if you can craft your video in a particular way.

2. Brand Videos

The region that a brand video covers is certainly a huge one in size. It’s a kind of video through which you are going to let your audience know about the high-level mission, vision, and philosophy of your product or business. 

Most of the time, these videos have the possibility to touch the hearts of the consumers in such a way that lots of potential ones turn into active ones. 

And there are also lots of people as well who are really concerned about the brand philosophy, so don’t take it lightly. 

By creating brand videos and advertising them, you are serving the goal of building awareness around your company and intriguing and attracting your target audience 

3. Event Videos

Event Videos

When your company decides to host a conference, or is planning to have a round table discussion, or maybe thinking of arranging a fundraiser event or any other type of event.

Whatever it is about, tell your video team to get ready because it’s a perfect time to shoot some mind-blowing videos and publicize them. 

Even though at a first glance it might seem not so much attractive as a whole

keep in consideration the fact that through the videos you make while taking part or hosting these events, your audience will have a better way to know about you and your network. 

Thus they might feel to know a bit further and finally turn out to be your customer. 

Event videos will certainly present scope for the people to feel more and more connected with your brand.

4. Expert Interviews

We all know how easy it is to make a significant amount of change in the perception of something in a person’s mind. 

By making expert videos, you are actually making the best use of this human nature. All you need to do to serve this special purpose is to capture the conversation or interview with any internal or external expert of your industry and then spread the video among the masses. 

This is a real-life effective way to build trust and authority with your target audience. But you have to be careful while finding out the perfect influencer that works the best for you. 

Not necessarily he or she will have to agree with your point of view, just make sure that throughout the interview, the product of your brand comes into discussion, and thus let your audience know about it as well.

5. Educational or How-to Videos

 Educational or How-to Videos

It’s an interesting way of video marketing. Especially when you are launching a new product or a new kind of service that is relatively new in the market or the target audience might not have a very clear idea regarding how to deal with that newness, in those cases, it’s absolutely important to make educational videos. 

Through these videos, you are going to teach or educate about the product, and of course in a concise and easy-to-understand way. 

Also, there might not only focus on your own product or service, it might simply present fundamental knowledge about an ongoing crisis or a solution to a particular problem. 

All these types of educational videos have their own significance among customers.

6. Explainer Videos

Since you obviously want your audience to understand it in a better way than why they need the product or service that you are providing, you might feel interested in making an explainer type of video. 

Generally, the main focus of these videos is on the advantages of the ways a product can provide a solution to a particular problem. 

In some cases, the companies refer to presenting the videos with a fictional journey of the company’s core buyer persona. 

and at first, Showing the situation where that person is struggling with a problem, it is ultimately shown in the video that the product or service of the company comes to the rescue and effectively solves that problem.

7. Animated Videos

If you are worried about how you are going to introduce that hard-to-grasp concept about one of your products to the customers, this kind of video might be one of the best options available for you. 

By making animated videos, you can portray a critical concept very easily to your audience. Because everything that is visual is always easier to understand. 

So the explanation that you are providing with your video about the particular abstract service or product is going to be appreciated. 

we can assume it as long as you can make sure that the video maintains the quality itself.

8. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Your target audience will be sometimes a bit confused that if your product can solve their specific problem, before buying your product, it’s very common that they might feel hesitation. 

Now in such a situation, what you can do is to show them that, there are others like them who had similar problems but by using your product, they no longer are suffering and also, they are highly satisfied with the product. 

By doing this, the people will have a brief idea about the fact that the product is being used by others, and since the review is not bad, they are more likely to use it themselves. 

Now to do all these, make case study videos, featuring your satisfied, loyal customers. 

Since these people are your best advocates, by getting them on camera, and letting them describe how they were facing a challenge or problem and how your product solved it for them, you indirectly influence the others to do the same, that is, buying your product.

9. Live Videos

Live Videos

While conducting live videos, your viewers can have the opportunity to have a look at your company’s behind-the-scenes. People can directly engage in these kinds of videos sometimes by commenting so chances are there that the number of viewers will be more than the videos-on-demand.

10. 360⁰ and Virtual Reality Videos

These kinds of videos have upgraded the user experience to another level, the customers now can have the premium opportunity to literally feel and see the product even before using it, in almost a real-life situation. 

The more you can manage to create this kind of video, the more people are expected to be attracted to them and ultimately get themselves engaged with the product.

11. Personalised Messages

It’s totally different use of videos, sounds pretty uncommon but videos can be considered as a way to start a conversation or respond to someone via email or text. 

Moreover, you can record yourself recapping an important meeting or giving personal recommendations through videos. 

The audience for whom you are making these videos, they are surely going to be highly delighted about it.

Importance of Video Marketing

According to research, the Renderforest Survey shows that video helps to incense the businesses. 

  • Increser the brand awareness 70% 
  • Evolve the traffic 51% 
  • Growth the sales 34%

The Top Video Marketing Statistic  

We have a deep drive to give some knowledge why you can’t overlook video marketing, here are some of the video marketing statistics:   

The Top Video Marketing Statistic  
  1. In the USA alone from 2013 to 2021 the rise of video content marketing has increased 75.7% to 83.8% according to Statista report. 
  2. By the end of 2022 people will consume 82% of video in internet traffic which is 15 times higher than 2017. (Cisco)
  3. In each week people watch videos online 78% and 55% online videos each day.  As a matter of fact, consumers want 54% more video content this year (Social Media Week).
  4. Hubspot studies show in 2018, 54% consumers want more videos from popular brands to support them. 
  5. More business minded people spend their money on video as they see 79% of the people are convinced to buy, giving their mails, downloading softwares, or app  by watching the video. (Wyzowl)
  6. 86% of the Business prefer to do video marketing as a tool –  Over the last years more than 63% increasing it. (Wyzowl)
  7. Marketers see the growth more than 49% faster when they utilize video marketing.  (WordStream)

4 Reasons Why You Choose Video Marketing 

To be the first mover in the industry has a great advantage. If your industry brand is not looking forward to making video marketing then you should start right now. And there are some reasons why you choose a video marketing option immediately. 

  1. People love to watch visual explanations and without video it cannot be possible. In addition, people can easily understand anything from video or they copy from the video to learn something and then to buy it.  
  2. According to a WYZOwl survey, 83% respondents say that video has the better change in RIO ( Return on Investing). Video can easily grab the attention of the videos. You can create explanation videos with simple tools like Video Script and Doodle.  
  3. Everyone loves to watch videos and the ratio of the video consumer is becoming higher day by day. Video gives options to interact with the audience directly on live streaming video. Audiences can share their thoughts and information about what they feel about the brand. In addition, brands can find various loopholes to their system. 
  4. Uploading video on youtube with a common general search term can be the best option to rank on Google first page. Because, Google also includes Youtube videos on their Google search engine. It will help to get more exposure to your brand and video as well. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

Anyone can make tons of lists regarding the benefits of video marketing but we found some collective information that can help you understand easily what types of benefits if you do video marketing. So, here is the list of benefits of video marketing  

Benefits of Video Marketing

1. Video Can Increase The Time Session of Your Website And Help SEO Ranking 

One of the biggest advantages of the video is to increase the time session of the website page. And it is true that video can rank your website on the top page.

For Example: if you have written an article regarding something related to your top. You included some video in the post to explain something by giving the video on that post. For sure more people will love stary on the page and see what you’re talking about in the video. 

If the audience plays the video then definitely the time duration of the page session will thrive and boost your ranking. And the page gives a signal to the Google bot that people are staying for a long period of time which means they love the page. 

2. Web Mentionon Video

Web mention technic is the possible way to recognize your website with other people, most of them who watch the video but do not subscribe to your YouTube channel.

For example, you make a video according to your written article. So, in that case, you can mention your website name and tell the website to write a particular topic name which you have already written and the audience can find out their needed question answer. With that Google can recognize your website and it will create a brand. 

3. Video Can increase the Conversion Rate 

Creating a video on the landing page can increase the 80% conversion rate chance (HubSpot). Video easily grabs the attention of the audience if the presence and information of the video are good and attractive.

It has the high chance that regular folks can convert into lead or sales and then a  common customer. So, for video marketing, you need to have a proper team to create great videos to catch the audience eyes.   

4. Add Video on Email Marketing Campaigns 

If you add in your subject line “Video” and in the body part a video.  In the video, you have explained about your product how to use this with proper guidelines and the chance of your email decreasing to increase more. The email CTI will increase more 200 to 300% according to a staggering statistic. The ratio of the subscription will thrive from before. 

5. Video Builds The Personal Branding,Trust & Credibility  

Video is the perfect way to build the company branding, with it you can know your customer’s thoughts and earn their trust. It is easy to communicate through video and give the answer to their questions.

People love to know about the product with a proper explanation about the product and how to use it. The audience wants to see more videos from the brands. To build trust you earn money and respect easily. 

What is Video Marketing Strategy? 

Definition of Vidoe Marketing Strategy:

The video marketing strategy is to create, produce various informational videos around the brand, product or service to give the knowledge of the targeted audience. The goal is to engage the audience with their interesting topic and convert them into profitable customers. 

How to Create A Video Marketing Strategy?

People spend a third of their time watching videos. A huge number of teenagers are consuming more short videos than before and that of this is Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts.  

Every Content marketer or digital marketer is agreeing that video will be the next big thing and every big industry will move on video marketing as they are getting more posting results in their business. Video marketing gives more ROI than any other campaign. 

So, Here you will be able to  know how to create a video marketing strategy for your business or content creation process: 

How to Create A Video Marketing Strategy?

1. Understand Your Targeted Audience  

One of the keys is to understand your audience properly. Without knowing your audience you can’t create a good video for them.  

If you already have a buyer person then it is great you start work right now.

However, if you don’t have a buyer person yet then try to guess by using various social or forums which types of people are interested in your product, service and what types of content they like most. For that you can ask 3 questions: 

  • What types of things are you giving and are they good or not? 
  • Which types of gender or age people will love your product or service? 
  • Those targeted audiences what type of content they like most? 

Note: If it is hard to build a buyer person then you can use Facebook, Google, Twitter or Quora  Ads where you can see which types of the audience will be perfect for your product or service. 

After delimiting this you can go to step 2. 

2. What Sorts of Messages And Content Will You Give? 

Now it is time to make a decision on what sorts of content you will give? Brand awareness ( To attract the audience), Consideration ( to engage your audience),  make your decision ( to nature you prospect) and enlighten your audience to buy the very products. 

At that stage, you have to decide which types of video you want to work on. In addition, create a message that will work throughout your various videos from time to time. 

You have to set your target when and where you will what types of video by which more people will know about your brand. 

Most of the brands try to educate their audience about the brand with relevant video content so that people can easily engage with it.    

3. Make Video In The Mind of Your Budget 

Spending too much on only video products can be a bad decision sometimes. As you do need to expand your budget on the paid campaign or any other marketing strategy. 

One of the secret methods you can use as we and all the content marketing strategies is to create one and distribute it everywhere. 

So, you may ask what is the process right, ok lets me tell: 

Create a long video of 10 to 20 minutes or maybe 6 to 8 minutes for a YouTube channel. The purpose of making videos for YouTube. However, You can use that video in multiple channels with the short version like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat.   

You may ask If you watched the full video then? The answer to the question is very simple: 

YES! Might be some of the people already watched full of your but as per our knowledge and strategies many of the people miss out the most of the part in the video until they watch one more time. In addition, the ratio of watching a full video is less than you’re expecting. 

So, you can cut the main part of the video and use it in multiple ways for your marketing. In this process, you can save money and yet do your content marketing in multiple channels to grab more audience via using it. 

4. Optimize Your Video for Different Platform 

The necessity part of video marketing is to optimize your video with the thought of a particular platform. 

For Example: if you are making a video for YouTube definitely use the size of the video landscape and the ratio will be 16:9. Try to find out various related tags, hashtags ( not more than 3), write a proper Title, long description and give a good thumbing.

On the other hand, if you force on Instagram then you have to make sure your video is a short message and it is the portrait version. Write a little description, give renovation hashtags with accurate research and you can tag on the comment as well. 

So, the idea is don’t be miss-matched or think that to give the same size and same written words on every palace. Then it won’t work. If you want to establish your brand in a positive way then those of the strategy is the key point.      

Never ever try those mistakes, if you do so maybe you will lose your potential target audience.   

Sometimes more than the size, title, description or hashtags you need to think, is this platform the best choice to publish that distinct video or not. 

5. Testing Your Video 

Without try and error, you cannot get the final result of your best version. To find which of the videos are your audience linking most you have to on=bserve of the things: So, here is the those: 

Watch Time of Video

Engagement of the video gives a good about your video what type of video people are linking most. If people are using one of your videos average of 4 to 7 minutes then that video chance to have to get viral in that particular category. However, from the watch time video, you can easily determine which sorts of video you should use or create more for your content marketing strategy.   

Counting the View 

Another matrix can be the view count of the video. If more of your targeted audience is clicking in the video and after some time they are going back then you’re understating two things from there. 

  1. You thought of making video is right and other things 
  2. Your video is not good enough to engage the audience or have a lack of information on theri. 

Click-through rate can also boost your video to rank on higher of any platforms. 

Sharing on Different places 

You can easily understand if your video is good or bad by seeing how many people sharing that video in various places. If more people share your video the chance will be high to get viral or get the top position with the relevant keywords or hashtags.

Sharing is the most prominent way to understand the audience’s thoughts if they are linking the video or not. If your audience is highly impressed with a video then they like to share that video otherwise most of the time nobody shares the video on a regular basis. 

Like/ Comment Feedback 

Another best way to determine is by seeing how many of your audience is giving likes/dislikes and commenting on your video and what they are thinking about your video. Commenting on the video may give various suggestions for your next video or sometimes get bad comments which means you have to work on your video. Like and display gives the thought of whether you should work on the same video or not. 

From those video content making strategies, you can choose the video making strategy for your video. One of the popular quotes is “ without going to water you cannot measure the level of the death”. So, if you test it out then you will get the final result.  

How to Make a Video for Your Business

Now comes the part that exactly how are you going to execute the whole video making strategy. Well, there are steps that you will be needing to follow. 

First, you have got to make a rough plan for your video. You have to figure out what type of content you are going to use to make the video, what is going to be the core topic and also what is the probable timeline- lots of issues are there that you would need to bring under proper planning.

The next thing is making a script of the video. It’s a big part of the whole thing, unless you can ensure that the language and the flow of the video maintains quality and coherence, you cannot say that your video is of good quality and might not bring you the expected customer engagement.

Now another thing important here is understanding your camera well, which equipment you are going to use to make the videos. It’s good for us that now even with the help of smartphones, we can shoot great videos. However, using professional cameras is always there as an option.

You will also have to set up your studio with the necessary facilities so that your work process can be a whole lot easier to maintain. After that, you need to find the right talent. Those who actually have the real knowledge about how to shoot great videos and know it very well that how to tell stories through videos, find them out and offer the job to be a video-maker of your business.

While shooting videos, keep in mind that this one is only going to be a rough one, necessary edits will be made later. After capturing the raw footage, now it’s time to start the post-processing. Organize the footage and edit this with as much perfection as possible. 

See if the message that you wanted to pass through the video is actually being visible or not. Also, you will also have to add music and voiceovers, do them carefully.


We have tried to show the elements of video marketing strategy to you by which you can make plans to do your video marketing. And, The most exciting thing about it is the fact that it’s just so easy to let people be a part of your customer family by using this marketing strategy. Since people always prefer to have the content of advertising as a visual type, if you can manage to maintain the best quality in your video, you can almost be sure that the outcome of your effort is not going to disappoint you.